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Study: drivers use phones even though they know it's wrong

Most Oklahoma motorists who drive while distracted know that the practice is hazardous. This trend can be seen nationwide, according to the second yearly distracted driving study from Root Insurance. Nearly half of respondents called distracted driving their top concern on the road, and 99% pointed to phones as among the top three distractions. Nevertheless, respondents said they use their cellphones for an average of 13 minutes each day while on the road.

In addition, 38% said they will not bother to stop using their cellphones when they spot police. An overwhelming majority were critical of other drivers who use their phones behind the wheel. For instance, 89% said they would give a poor rating to an Uber/Lyft driver who texts and drives, and 39% claimed they have done so.

Yes, a DUI can affect child custody cases

It's never a good situation when you're facing a DUI, and it's particularly bad when you could have your custody case affected by it. If you're going through a divorce and get a DUI, it could show a judge that you don't make good decisions. It could put your ability to parent in question, too.

There is no question that a DUI can hurt your child custody case. It can lead to questions about whether or not you're abusing alcohol, and it can lead to concerns that you pose a threat to your children.

Going Through Divorce Gracefully

M. Shane Henry Featured on Small Firm Forum Podcast

There's A Better Way To Get Through Your Divorce

Frustrating courtroom disputes, angry parents, confused children, and lengthy divorce proceedings don't have to be part of your divorce story. Thanks to the benefits of the Collaborative Law process, you can settle your divorce a better way.

Mothers still get more rights, but joint custody is on the rise

The 21st century has been good to dads in Oklahoma and other states in the sense that there is no longer a strong inclination to award full custody to mothers. While mothers still do get more rights when there is a need to sort out custody matters post-divorce, joint custody is becoming increasingly common. Custody of a child involves two different types of custody: legal and residential or physical custody.

When it comes to child custody, courts now generally start with the intention of favoring joint legal custody as an option. Residential custody that's split equally is less common, however, because of logistical issues, such as proximity to a child's school. For this reason, residential custody still favors mothers. Even so, there has been a noticeable shift since the 1980s towards allowing fathers to have more access to their children. According to one study, mothers were awarded sole custody about 80 percent of the time in 1980. That percentage was cut in half by 2008.

Kaitlyn Allen Joins Henry + Dow

Henry + Dow is delighted to welcome its newest associate attorney, Kaitlyn Allen. A 2011 graduate of Oklahoma City University College of Law, Kaitlyn is excited to be a member of Henry + Dow, working alongside individuals who strive for excellence.  

California Woman Wins Child Support from Husband 50 years After Split

In a recent NBC news article, a California woman was awarded 50 years of back child support for bringing her original 1970 court documents to a San Diego judge. 

Tips for dividing a business during divorce

Couples who own a business in Oklahoma could face a lot of issues if they decide to divorce. Most of the time, one spouse keeps the business and buys the other out. However, there are cases in which both spouses continue running the business together. This requires a high level of cooperation.

A partner with sufficient liquidity can buy out the other spouse. Usually, this is not a taxable event because of the divorce. People who lack the necessary liquidity can structure payment over time with a settlement note. A third option is for the company to purchase the spouse's shares. This should be planned with an eye toward avoiding hefty capital gains taxes.

Henry + Dow Acclaimed Trial Attorney Shane Henry Presents to the Payne and Tulsa County Bar Associations on Trial Techniques and Opening Statements

On February 13, 2019 Attorney Shane Henry gave a presentation on Trial Techniques at the monthly Payne County Bar Association. As an acclaimed trial attorney and founding partner of Henry + Dow Trial Lawyers in Tulsa, Mr. Henry's thorough and clear presentation gave listeners insight into detailed tactics, awareness, and techniques for any given trial.IMG_6759.JPG

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