Steps To Take Before Filing An Insurance Claim

Everyone learned what to do after a vehicle accident at some point in their lives. However, it is easy to forget it all in the shock of a crash. There are some steps involved in a car accident situation that people may not know either.

Here are some important steps for you to take before filing a car accident claim:

Exchange Information

No matter how minor the accident, always trade insurance and contact info with the other driver. It is crucial to be able to reach them or their insurer if needed.

File A Police Report

Call the police to the scene to create a report. Even if you are worried you were at fault, a report can prove vital to a personal injury case. A lawyer can help you pursue compensation later and handle any questions about fault in the accident.

Take Photos

To have a record of the damages done to your car, take pictures of the crash scene. It is especially important to get pictures of the particular areas your car was damaged. These can help your case later when proving how much damage your vehicle sustained.

Contact A Lawyer

You may be shaken by the accident for quite some time after it happens. However, it is in your best interest to consult an attorney shortly after the crash. This allows the attorney to start investigating and formulating a case for your compensation rights immediately.

You can schedule a consultation with Henry + Dow through email or phone at 539-777-0289 or 405-605-0681.

Let Your Lawyer Talk To Insurance Companies

We highly advise that you allow us to interact with insurers on your behalf. They employ many tactics to trick you out of the coverage you deserve such as offering a low settlement to take advantage of people’s desperation to cover costs immediately.

Through our decades of experience helping injured clients in Oklahoma, you can be assured that we know how to fight for your deserved coverage.