What Will Your Divorce Look Like?

When clients meet with our attorneys, they want to understand what their divorce will look like. Every divorce will be unique in that you have a unique set of circumstances and assets. However, every case generally follows a similar path:

Filing For Divorce

Before the divorce proceedings can begin, you or your spouse must first file for divorce. This requires the person filing to complete paperwork, which will include issues to discuss such as what will be done with important belongings.

Response To The Petition

The other spouse will usually respond to the petition, stating whether or not they agree to the terms laid out. If your spouse is the one who filed, this is your opportunity to dispute any terms in the petition that need to be further discussed.

Disclose Financial Information

Both spouses need to disclose all of their income, accounts and other related finances. Hiding assets could lead to trouble down the road. At this point, we can begin assessing the full worth of your assets and how much you should receive during property division.

Resolve Divorce Issues

From here, you and your lawyer will talk about what is most important to you and then prepare to protect your rights to your property and children. Our team at Henry + Dow is highly skilled in fighting for clients in the courtroom. Though some divorces can be resolved through negotiation, we will always have a strategy in place for a court hearing as well.

If you are looking to file for a divorce or if you have received a petition from your spouse, reach out to us at 539-777-0289 or 405-605-0681 or via email. We are respected throughout Oklahoma for our commitment to our clients and the results they deserve.