Oklahoma’s Classifications Of Drug Crimes

Choosing a knowledgeable lawyer in a drug defense case is essential, as Oklahoma has various levels of charges based on the amount found and the circumstances of the case. Our team of attorneys at Henry + Dow understands the complexities of drug law and how to defend you from any type of charge.

Charges in Oklahoma could include:

  • Possession of paraphernalia
  • Possession of illegal substances
  • Intent to sell drugs
  • Buying or distributing drugs
  • Manufacturing illegal substances

Intent to distribute is determined based on the weight of the substance in your possession.

A distinction is made between distribution and trafficking based on the overall weight as well. Trafficking involves a larger amount of the substance and carries harsher penalties.

We Explore Every Defense Option

We take your situation seriously. Some lawyers rush cases to get a result as quickly as possible, but that is not an effective strategy. We understand the value of preparation and bringing our best to the courtroom. This method is the reason our firm has been so successful in getting positive results for our clients.

We are skilled at reducing penalties or getting charges dropped altogether. You can count on us to explore every avenue that could help you. For example, we may be able to investigate the circumstances of your arrest and show that the police did not have a warrant to legally search you.

Put A Strong Team On Your Side

There is a reason so many people turn to Henry + Dow in dire situations. Our firm is renowned in Oklahoma for the relentless work our team devotes to everyone who enlists our help.

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