Going through a divorce has numerous financial and emotional consequences, and starting over can seem daunting. 

Divorced couples who plan ahead tend to have an easier time after the divorce is final. There are a number of things one can do to prepare for a more successful transition into single life. 

Financial preparation 

One of the biggest changes is there is usually less money to work with after divorce. According to CNBC, one of the first things to do is make a new budget. This will put things into perspective and take away some of the unknowns. It may be challenging to make ends meet, but a budget will help one stay on track. 

Oftentimes, new insurance policies are necessary. Instead of having joint car or health insurance, each person will need to get individual insurance. It is also important to update beneficiaries for life insurance, retirement accounts etc. 

It is important to look ahead to retirement. Splitting retirement accounts can be detrimental, especially if the couple divorces later in life. Making up the difference may require saving more money or working more years. 

Emotional preparation 

According to WebMD, taking care of oneself emotionally is an important part of moving forward. This means being able to mourn the loss of the relationship and taking the time to grieve. If it is affordable, therapy can help this process. 

Once sadness has run its course, the fun can begin. There may be more time to hang out with friends you missed while married. It is also the perfect time to try new hobbies or activities. With the right attitude, beginning to date again can be fun as well.