Gray divorce is a term for late-in-life divorces, and since the 90s the rate for these divorces has doubled. Empty-nesters who have spent their lives in unhappy marriages are now getting divorced and wanting to enter the next season of their life as a single person. Although the reasons for a gray divorce are diverse according to Pew Research, gray divorces are most common among second, or third marriages. However, the repercussions of late-in-life divorce are extensive. Gray divorces impact social security, income, and retirement benefits alike. The splitting of collective income has resulted in spouses returning to the workforce, even though they have been out of the career force for a lengthy time. Social security benefits also decrease with short term marriages, and retirement plans need to be altered because of new adjusted income. These details can be worrisome, but it is beneficial to be aware of these facts when entering into the divorce process. Henry + Dow has experienced attorneys who can help through the process of a gray divorce. If you are currently going through the divorce process or desire to find out your options before deciding, please contact Henry + Dow’s Tulsa office at 918-933-433 or the OKC office at 405-605-0681.