2019 was a year of opportunity for Henry + Dow. Henry + Dow’s team has stepped up the game in community and legal involvement from Racing for the Cure, to fundraising for the food bank, to pouring back into the legal community through CLEs. One of the most rewarding opportunities for involvement last year came at the Trial Advocacy Institute. This experience supported the vision of the Henry + Dow office to become the best trial lawyers and instruct trial techniques. The mission of the institute was to provide immersive and extensive experience in trial preparation and hands-on training for attorneys across the state. The Institute that is hosted by the OBA (and was co-founded by Henry + Dow’s own Shane Henry), allowed the team to be sharpened by the state’s foremost attorneys in matrimonial law. This preparation has set the standard for 2020 at the Henry + Dow Offices.

Kaitlyn Allen, OKC Office; Alex Masters, TUL Office; Shane Henry and Allyson Dow, firm co-founders, and Diana Cupps, Law Student and Intern at the firm.