For many couples, one of the most challenging aspects of divorce is protecting their children from emotional harm. Divorcing parents must try to figure out the best custody option that helps children adjust to divorce in a healthy way. One of the custody options that Oklahoma recognizes is “birdnesting” or “nesting.” In this situation, the children get to remain in a familiar living situation, which may help them avoid potential emotional trauma from divorce. 

According to FindLaw, nesting is one of the available child custody options in Oklahoma. In this situation, the parents take turns living in the marital home with their children. Most couples who choose this option acquire an apartment or small house that serves as the living quarters for whichever parent is not staying with the children. Nesting usually requires parents to agree on a regular schedule for switching places between the primary home with the children and the secondary home. 

According to NBC, nesting may offer some unique benefits for children whose parents are divorcing. Nesting allows children to remain in their own home instead of forcing them to split their time between two different houses. This living option may minimize the disruption children feel during their parents’ divorce and in the months immediately following. 

NBC states that nesting works best when it is a short-term arrangement. Trying to maintain this living situation over several years may be financially challenging. Some experts state that long-term nesting may also be confusing to younger children and cause them to think that their parents are working on reconciliation. In general, nesting may work well when divorced parents have an amicable relationship and are able to work together to create the best living situation for their children.