After getting a DUI in Oklahoma, it is normal to feel disappointed and angry. Drivers often wish they can go back to the past to unmake the decisions that brought them to this point. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

The only way forward is to put a solid case together and prepare for the potential consequences. Here are some tips to get started.

Dispute the revocation

According to the Oklahoma state website, drivers may lose their driving privileges within 30 days of a DUI arrest or charge. This may occur if they fail a BAC test or refuse to take one. Drivers do have the right to dispute the revocation of driving privileges within 15 days of receiving the affidavit. If the 15 days go by without an appeal, the revocation becomes automatic.

Get a state ID

Sometimes an officer may decide to seize a driver’s license. The person may then apply for a state identification card in place of this. Whether they can apply for a new driver’s license or not depends on the reasons the driver’s license was seized. It also depends on whether the license was expired or invalid.

Consider rehab

If routine drunkenness or substance dependence is at the heart of the problem, consider checking into rehab. USA Today points out that millions of people across America struggle with alcohol dependence. Sometimes drastic moves become necessary to make drastic changes.

Find new hobbies

People who spend a lot of time partying and drinking are more likely to end up with a DUI. Other hobbies may better help to keep the person out of trouble. This includes painting, cooking classes or reading books.

The best-case scenario involves beating a DUI case to avoid the consequences that follow a conviction. However, failing this, it is possible to move forward and reclaim a healthy life.