There is a movement among lawmakers in every state, including Oklahoma, to change the way the law approaches child custody matters. While, at its heart, the law will always side on what is best for the children, it now also realizes that children need both parents in their lives. The Tulsa County District Court explains that children need regular and meaningful contact with both parents, which is very difficult when one parent moves away with the children.

Distance becomes an issue that can harm the children and create issues with the relationship they have with the parent they do not live with. If there is a way to avoid the situation, then that is always best, but if you find yourself parenting from a distance, here are a few tips to help you and your children.

  1. Tackle issues early

Long-distance parenting has the potential for problems that you would not have in a normal custody situation. You should talk about possible issues that might come up and how you will handle them. You need to work together with the other parent to make this work. Thinking ahead and having a game plan for something that could come up, such as bad weather that prevents a visit, will allow the children to feel more secure about the situation and make it easier for you and the other parent to handle things when they do happen.

  1. Spend time together

When your kids come for a visit, focus on them. Put everything else aside for the time they are with you. Avoid bringing other people into the visit, unless they are family. Plan out what you will do with your children and discuss what they would like to do on the visit. Make this time together special.

  1. Stay in contact

Your children do not need to see you in person to know you care and think about them. A phone call or even a text regularly can do wonders to help them see that you are still there for them. Make sure that you stay in contact as often as you can.

It is not easy to live far away from your children, but when you commit to doing everything you can to stay in their lives, it can make all the difference.