Commercial motor vehicle operators in Oklahoma, especially drivers of big rigs, should know that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has set a date for the 2019 Brake Safety Week. This inspection spree, which will be held from September 15 to 21, is to focus on brake hoses and tubing. Truckers should make sure that these components are free of leaks, are flexible and have been properly attached.

During Brake Safety Week, inspectors stop CMV drivers at random and check for any brake-related violations. Those who pass the inspection receive a CVSA decal on their truck while those with violations will be put out of service until the issue is addressed.

During the 2018 International Roadcheck, a three-day inspection spree also held by the CVSA, brake-related violations comprised 45% of all out-of-service violations. This explains why safety advocates are pushing for a separate inspection spree to enforce brake regulations.

In the effort to make Brake Safety Week a success, law enforcement officials will be spreading brake-safety awareness to drivers, motor carriers, owner-operators and mechanics. During inspections, performance-based brake testers will be used in the 14 jurisdictions that have them. This determines braking efficiency based on the trucks’ weight.

Bad brakes will increase a truck’s braking distance and, with it, the chances of a car crash. Someone who has been injured because a trucker failed to maintain their vehicle can pursue a personal injury case, but they may want to see a lawyer first. It all begins with a case evaluation. Legal counsel may assist with every step of the filing process as well as with the negotiations. A successful claim could cover things like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.