When you and your husband decided to have children, a decision had to be made about how they would be cared for. Some parents choose to use a nanny or daycare. Others decide that one parent will remain at home to raise the kids. If it was decided that you’d be a stay-at-home mom, you might be in for a shock if you end up having to go through a divorce.

Some women falsely believe that they will automatically qualify for alimony. The fact is that even if a woman does, she may only get a small amount for a short period. This is only meant to bridge the gap between the divorce and her being able to support herself. In almost all cases, the divorce means that being a stay-at-home parent is a thing of the past.

Set your life goals

The goals that you set for your life can lead to an outline of what you need to do now and into the future. Think about your career goals at first so that you can get on the right track. Make notes of any schooling or anything special that you will need so that you can make plans.

Shore up your training

If you are able to receive temporary alimony, you can use the time you have to go through training that will help you in the workforce. This can be handled online or at a specific location. Just make sure that it gives what you need to be successful when you re-enter the workforce.

Find employment

One thing that you have going against you is that you will have a gap in your resume from the time you were caring for the kids. Getting a part-time job or even working gigs can help you to start building up a recent employment history. Having a job will also provide you with an income source that can help to boost your finances as you transition to a single life.

Financial planning

Not only do you need to ensure that you have your own financial accounts and that you are building up your credit, you also have to think about your estate plan. Check your will to ensure it reflects your current wishes. Update beneficiary information on life insurance policies and payable on death designations on financial accounts.

You also need to consider the settlement you accept in the property division aspect of the case. Your decisions now can impact you greatly into the future, so think carefully about it all.