Awesome Marriage Podcast recently replayed an episode titled “Going Through Divorce Gracefully,” which is a Best of Podcast episode that originally aired a year ago on their website.


The Awesome Marriage Podcast, hosted by Christina Dodson and Dr. Kim Kimberling, is “a place for honest conversations about marriage and practical advice on how to have a God-honoring, awesome marriage.”


This episode focused primarily on how to go through divorce gracefully, and gives practical advice on coping and enduring these difficult moments with grace and hope.


“The reality is, people get divorced,” says Dr. Kimberling. “None of us like pain, but we’ve got to be willing to go through the pain, to get to the healing. Allowing yourself to do that is hard.”


Their conversation surrounded the idea of grace, and how to view your potential ex-spouse in light of it. Dr. Kimberling emphasized how it’s ok to not be immediately ready to have or show grace towards your ex. He encourages listeners to “ask God to help you see your ex through His eyes.”


Dodson points out how “anger and unforgiveness is a curved blade,” and in the end, only does harm to the person holding the anger.


Dodson and Kimberling talked about how our culture now directs divorced and divorcing couples to demonize their ex or soon-to-be ex, and think of them in the worst possible light, as a means to make themselves feel better. The truth is, Dr. Kimberling points out, “this will never work.”


You want to be able to be in the same room as them, especially if there are children and grandchildren involved.


They conclude the episode with some practical tips and steps for going through divorce gracefully:


1.     Recognize that you need help. Get a counselor, mentor, small group, someone who you can be around, to help you get healthy and heal.

2.     Allow yourself to express emotion in a healthy way.

3.     Lean into God, allow Him to refine you.

4.     Avoid unhealthy addictive behaviors or escapism. Avoid jumping straight into another relationship.


In his final words of advice, Dr. Kimberling offered these hope-filled words: “Look to God. There’s hope. There will be a day that you smile again. Things will get better. God can grow you through this.”


To listen to the full episode, click here.


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