A parenting schedule for a separated couple in Oklahoma can lead to many inconveniences. However, the plan is supposed to help children maintain a relationship with both parents. That’s why parents should resist the temptation to use it as a weapon against one another.

Instead, they should think about the situation from the child’s point of view. Where both parents live, the location of the school and all extracurricular activities must be taken into account. Older children might want to be part of the process of creating the schedule. While this could be acceptable, the final plan should be up to the parents.

It’s important that the parents do not make the schedule based on future plans that may not come to pass. For example, one of them may plan on moving closer to the child’s school. However, unforeseen circumstances could prevent such a relocation. A better option is to give the schedule a try for a few weeks and make any necessary adjustments.

In some cases, parents are unable to reach an agreement. While litigation is always an option, there are risks to this approach. For example, a judge may ultimately decide on a schedule that’s even more inconvenient for the parents.

Negotiating child custody is never easy, but it may help if parents stay focused on the child’s best interests. This is the standard a judge would use as well. Parents should also keep in mind that a variety of custody and visitation arrangements can be used based on their individual situations and what their children might prefer. A divorce attorney could help a parent create a suitable arrangement.